Taking the internet by storm because of his distinctive bowling action in the European Cricket League, Pavel Florin has garnered praise from the cricketing fraternity.

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The love for Cricket has surpassed boundaries as the continent of Europe seems to be getting in on the action. With the inaugural season of the European Cricket League (ECL) in full swing, every player in the ongoing league looks to cash in on the opportunity to stand out.

Pavel Florin, a professional bodyguard by day is taking the internet by storm with his unique bowling action and an insatiable love for the game in ECL. An amateur cricketer who only took up the sport eight years ago has gained widespread fame over a short period of time.

The 40-year-old is the president of Romania’s Cluj Cricket Club and regards South African legend Ab De Villiers as his inspiration.

While bowling in a match against French club Dreux in the ECL, his bowling action caught the eye of every camera on the field. Some were perplexed by his technique while some thoroughly enjoyed his distinctive approach.

"Maybe someone says my bowling is not beautiful or not effective, but I don't care, because I love cricket," Florin told the European Cricket League:

"It's not beautiful, I know, everybody says it, but I'm a slow bowler."

Florin’s modesty garnered praise from legends of the game like Shane Warne who encourage the Romanian to keep pursuing his dreams regardless of people’s opinions.

The ECL is in its first edition and features eight teams, including clubs from Spain, Italy and the Netherlands. Romania was granted Affiliate status by the ICC in 2013 and only became an Associate Member of the ICC in 2017.

Florin’s recognition, no matter how bizarre it may be, has surely directed the spotlight on the ECL which is expected to grow larger by the next season.

In an interview with the European Cricket League, Florin recalled how he once drove 500 kilometres through the night to make sure he could play in a game the following morning. After driving for nine straight hours, he finished unbeaten on 34 runs.

His perseverance only portrays his admiration for the gentlemen’s game which he believes will turn out to be the next big sport in Europe.

Feature image courtesy: Twitter/ Mark Lovell